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85 Pickup
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94 YJ
85 Runner

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TRCD = Toyota Rock Crawling Development

***   SOLD  :-(   ***

4" Super Lift  Suspension Lift.
33" Super Swamper LTB on 15x10 black wheels.
All Pro Extended Shackles.
Aux Lighting.
Safari Snorkel.
Detroit Lockers in both ends EZ Locker in rear, Limited slip in the front.
Diff breather.
Nerf Bars.
Bobbed bed and top, bobbed to the rear shackles.
4.7:1 Marlin Crawler gears (low t-case)

Future Mods
Who knows whats next.


Rick's 85 Runner
85 Runner 5spd 22RE
** It is with great sadness.... The Runner has been sold :(
Sometimes you have to do the things you don't want to.... Needless to say he's happy again, he has purchased and modified an 85 Pick Up.

Please feel free to read the history of this Rig
Rick's Runner started out after he sold his pup, from the first few days parts were on order: Lift, Tires and Locker.
Parts were added on thanks to the guys and the wheeling commenced. Unfortunately there is a reason behind the snorkel - Late one evening splashing in a puddle, HYDROLOCKED we were able to get her running that weekend but the damage was done, rod was thrown shortly after. Truck is back on the road with a 22RE donated from a Celica with a snorkel added for just incase.

Worthy Mentions (More Toys)
1986 4Runner - Soon to be trail truck, bits and pieces of the 85???

1986 Pick Up Xtracab - Daily Driver - SOLD
     90's year bed, auto, 4x4, IFS

Previous Toy (R.I.P) 1987 Pick Up Xtracab
    Chrome Nerf Bars
    Chrome Roll Bar w/ Light
    32" Tires on aftermarket wheels


E-Mail: Rick