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 2009 Trip and Trail Report:

Jan - Haspin                 New Years Day! Got out the 92 Pup, 84 Runner and newest addition to TRCDToys the 86 Xtracab Pickup (pup) see the web page for the 86. Since this is the 86 first trip for driver and truck went to make it an easy trip, but not too easy, and rig did fine. It was chilly but not unbearable, the mud was still frozen which yielded a bit of a rough main trail. We climbed a few of the mounds, zig zagged thru the mud (where one found himself burried to the doors) and had a good run, only issue was the 92's exhaust decided to ride in the bed vs hanging from under. Now time to tweek a few things and get the fellas ready for more wheeling to come....

 2008 Trip and Trail Report:

Sept - Slade                 YES!!!! Babies and Mom's are fine and well enough for another overnighter, this time Slade aka Red River Gorge, make sure you peek at the pics & video. Only 3 TRCDToys rigs would make the event, the 84 Runner 85 & 92 Pups. The first day - arrival - we got unloaded mingled with some of  the Jeep Creeps and went off for a quick ride as others would roll in. Must say awesome scenery... So we headed off the dirt road to the first turn off and up the first hill, the CJ7 went up, the 2 pups a couple of quads, then the CJ5 then myself in the Runner, I lay this out cause what happened next is always a site, as I come around a slight curve going up this hill, I see the CJ5 rolling (tumbling) towards me, I wanna say 2 or 3 time over and  luckily he stopped before rolling into me (thou I did throw it in reverse quickly). We had him up right with the help of a come-along. Occupants were unscathed, rig suffered a couple flats and a busted motor mount. We limped him back to camp, these rest were arriving, had some kick ass grub (smoked pork loin) ran another light run.
              The next morning, grabbed a coffee and some grub, a little wrenching then off to do some trails. Found an dream of a trail, had a little bit of everything (see the pics), so nice we did it twice. Unfortunately we didn't stay as long as we had hoped, but maybe next time, we'll definatly be back. As far as overall issues, we swapped a headlight on the 85 pup (too hard of a smack) and the 92 had some binding issues on the front driveshaft, but this was the 2nd time out, you'll find that. Can't wait to go back...

Aug - Haspin                 Those that follow know that between July & Aug we were blessed with a couple new arrivals, but we were able to sneak a run in. On this run we had the 92 pup fresh with a SAS, the 84 & 85 Runners and the 85 pup all ready to wheel. We made it for an overnighter and had a great time, no breaks or rig issues to report, the SAS worked flawlessly and Kenny couldn't be happier.

May - Haspin                 First trip out for '08!!! Seemed like for ever to get to the dirt, getting trucks loaded (hell even started). Typical wheeling fashion, the week before was spent fixing brake lines, topping off fluids, ArmorAll'ing the dash and welding up a front bumper (that was tore off with a jack). But alas we did make it, got trucks unloaded and aired down - We had 3 yot's on hand the 85 Pup and the 84 & 85 4Runners, also in the mix was a rail buggy and quad. It was the Pups first time out in couple years, and ran well (make a few tweeks) the 84 Runner ran well - considering the brake line had just recently been ran. The 85 Runner snapped a J-Arm, luckily on a light trail, which the spare arrived about 4 hours later, then later tore the rear body (which happens way too often). The 91 Pup is still down with a bad motor, BUT a replacement is in the garage and ready to be swapped in, not to mention the SAS (more to come on this - see the 91's page).
                A solid trip - the Pup  got broke in, and the 85 Runner got broke, we'll be back out.

 2007 Trip and Trail Report:

May - Haspin                 First trip down!!! All started off  well, minus a solid 10 minute down pour, which turned out sloppy - we arrived Sat. to a dry Haspin, not overly dusty but not a mess. Haspin is always better dry. We got a few quick trails in and a small creek bed run, then shortly after the downpour which left the rest of the weekend soupy. The players were Kenny(91Pup), Rick(85Runner), Myself(John 84 Runner) and Scott(Quad). We had a couple slight stucks the 91 on the sloppy hillsides needed a bit of a tug, with a quick winch he was up, then on another climb he got sideways, and with that the winch cable got jammed in the drum rendering useless, while trying to pull it free Ricks bumper bent down 90 degrees. I myself got hung up on a climb between 2 trails (ruts) which left my tailgate resting on a tree, a few straps and a tug I was freed - Oh and did I mention all rigs are locked running Swamper LTB's??? yes Haspin wet can get interesting. We did Devils backbone, the Creek out and a bunch other off camber trails (see trip albums page for visuals), we did come up one trial where there was a hard lean to the driverís side - pics don't do it justice, when watching from behind and the rig in front takes a good dip and continues with the pass side griping on trees is a sight. Sun. morning (after a few Haspin Specials - Biscuits Gravy and Eggs) we headed out for a quick run before calling it day, light trails, some areas are still soaked others are better. Rick leads us down and around, which when trying to back up he gets all hung up, we strapped and tugged trying to avoid any body damage (he was against a tree - a pillar ready to shatter windshield) well as pics show he banged up the driver side rear quarters busting the welds at the bob.
                All in all a good first trip.

April - Haspin                 Second run another Sat. to Sun. - WOW - Haspin was dry - dusty dry which is good, solid traction (but Haspin always has wet spots). Players for this trip Rick(85Runner), Brian(who rode along and piloted the 85 for a bit) Myself(84Runner), Kenny(91Pup) & Eric(Quad) who showed up late Sat. Within the first 10 minutes of the first trail the 91 got caught up in some deep stuff (mud) the front was pinned and the rears were just spinning, Rick had maneuvered in to tug, but with the angles & trees it took a few attempts, the angles I speak of when tugging (from side to pull rear over) there was no slide the truck would move a bit then want to tip, in the process of tugging and trying to spin the tires to reposition the 91, Rick was out of the Runner and the 91 was attempting a reposition - with straps still hooked the Runner got tugged just enough to start it on a roll back toward the 91. With a quick dive (luckily he runs no doors and I was close) thru the pass door, over the seats I slam the brakes by hand. The truck probably only rolled 5 feet but seemed like a mile : ). We did a few other trails, Rick climbed a set of bleachers to the second seat (see trip albums), no real incidents until..... We decide to run to Devils Backbone, Brian piloted Ricks Runner (he has before on other trials in the past) the trip down was fine, but at the bottom Kenny tries climbing the center back up (this used to be possible and on this trip still unachieved) and those who may not know there are 3 other trails that run up the left side Brian takes the far left which appeared least challenging (no rocks to slip on), I was snapping pics of Kenny when I hear Rick call out for help. I tell Kenny to hold up and rush over (all in foot distance) and come across the Runner on its side (Rick has climbed out and Brian was standing inside the truck (there is a pic) all are ok, I snap a quick pic and am informed Brian's arm is broke. I helped Brian up and out, he was ok (he was belted in, but when it went over he put his arm out and that's when it happened. I had Kenny try to climb up the trail just to the side so we can upright the Runner and get Brian out. Kenny couldn't make it so he went out the creek bed (just to the right of Devils Backbone) I attempted to climb the same side Kenny did in the interest of time, I was able to get to get in front of Rick and strap to him. I tried to upright the Runner to no avail, tires would start to spin then white smoke. Kenny made it back, we hooked him up as well and with a few tugs he was up righted then I hauled Brian up and out, ran into security on the way, they radioed for an ambulance (since we didn't know where the hospital was exactly). Rick and I dropped the trailer and took his Ford to go get Brian. It didn't take long to get him patched up (under 2 hrs) and back to camp we went where his and Rick's wives awaited, the girls took Brian home (who wanted to stay the weekend, God love him : ) ). Eric showed up on the quad, the Runner was good to go, so we finished the weekend out, no more incidents, a few stucks and nice runs on the trails.

2006 Trip and Trail Report:

Rest of 2006

   Unfortunately, this page didn't get update the way it was originally planned. We did get a few Haspin trips in and a Dillsborough.

   Haspin, found itself to a be a good time as usual - I got myself in a couple of stucks, one was phrased best by Rick (night run) 'I came a round the bend and saw your taillights, but they were vertical, no horizontal'. Got myself buried in a pit, we got it out, but the bumper took the majority of the brunt. The 85 Runner took out its tailgate, and those of us who know that sound, cringe -  the sound of the rear window shattering in the gate.
Climbed some great obstacles, crawled thru some off-camber ruts / ravines. Maneuvered over and thru some great terrain, Haspin can be a mud pit, but we were lucky the days we hit the dirt, it was always dry or a little mud deep in the woods.

Devils backbone has gotten steeper;  the 'bolder' in the creek, always a blast to climb (watch your door / rocker panel); the carved out hills giving a good run.

July 22 - Haspin    WHAT A TRIP!!!! Did an overnighter, started late Sat I drove the Runner out met up with the 85 Runner & a couple quads. The 85 was trailered in & had a couple issues with flats on the trailer - but they made it. We loaded up in the Runners did some wheeling, both rigs were on their game. We did a late run to the "bone" - Devils Backbone, it was a night run, I managed to get my rig sideways (not the good sideways) the kind where the taillights are vertical. I managed to slip into a rut, that had become a pond, with a couple good tugs from the 85 we had her out on all fours. Then we opted for the downhill (down the bone) down is the easy part, then a few attempts at the up - both rigs we able to make it up, but not directly, had to take a slight side trail and cross back over. This is one steep hill - both trucks are locked in rear, one in the front still a straight shot is TUFF, it had also rained 3" that morning, once ascended to camp we went. Camp was good, cool night and a NICE camper to boot.
  The next day, we arose early for some breakfast and back at it, this time the quads went, did some moderate trails and back down the bone, followed a trail out and around, wasn't too long before one of the quads busted a tie rod end. Limped it back and back out in the trucks.
  Trip was a good trip, it had rained Sat AM, but had dried decently, it wasn't dusty and it wasn't a muddy soup, the ruts we filled with muck which made a few challenging, I know I slid into one and drove through it with a wheel in the air, there was another that the 85 Runner winched through for the extra stability.

June - Misc.

  This is going to be more of a quick update paragraph - Since the last trip, been out only a time may be two. With that being quick runs to Dillsborough, he got out!! Its been a light summer, most will know why...  The trip to Dillsborough took me out for a week or two, again a trip with out a camera : (
  It was some good wheeling, there's a nice lil creek bed run, which took out my tie rod, had a hell of a bend to it. but I did manage to drive her home. Same trip the 92 Pick Up, gashed the sidewall if a tire (non repairable by most shops) - but the SAS is soon in coming then 33's.
The 85 Xcab is still out of commish, but looking better, the 85 Runner is ready, newly sprung and swampered.

Feb.12, Vanceburg

   84 4 Runner, 92 Pickup and a slew of Jeeps, headed south. Trails and trees covered in a white fluff, and the snow continued to fall most of the day.
  No issues on the trail, had an incident with a Jeeper on the dirt road in, his tow vehicle hit a bit of ice, truck and trailer slid back down and almost went over the side, luckily for him a stump kept him from going over.
  Mostly did trail riding in and out of the creek, with a nice run along the ridge which dropped us down, after about a 1/4 mile of a steep downhill grade covered in snow, we slide most of the way down, then wrapped back out through a some rough rock steps.