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TRCD = Toyota Rock Crawling Development

4" Procomp Suspension Lift  - Front Springs, Rear Springs and shocks installed.
Extended Shackles (3" over Factory).
ProComp Extended Brake Lines (Front & Rear).
33" Super Swamper LTB's on black wagon wheels.
Spool - Locker in rear diff. (Lock Right for front not installed)
4:30 Gearing.
Extended Drag Link.
Front bumper with Smittybuilt Bars,  Rear All-Pro bumpers.
Custom made Nerfs and Exo-Cage tied to frame and Bumpers.
Light Fender Trimming
Aux Lighting - Upfront and washer lights.
Diff breathers.

Future Mods
Install Winch
Front Locker
All-Pro Springs
Dual Cases?
Body Lift 2" - 3"
Redo cage / Tube


John's 84 Runner:
84 Runner SR5 5spd 22R
Runner was purchased bone stock! and the mods came slowly till  she is as she is today.
First year was only a set of 31" Wranglers and Blocks in the rear.
Then came the Lift and 32" Gumbos, this was a much needed mod, I was able to climb so
much more, which this kept me happy for about 2 years, the exocage came for safety.
Which then came the shackles, brake lines and drag link, the drag link helped steering issues I had.
The brake lines not only gave me extra room for flex, but  also gave a little more pedal feel.
Then in June of 2004 I added the Lock-Right, this mod, made it ALOT easier to crawl up obstacles.

As any good project there's always something more..... Some 35's, rework front springs
Dual T-Cases and then a front locker. Or build a 93+ Runner, hhhmmmmm. Picked up a set of LTB's now just got get mounted!!!


Worthy Mentions (More Toys)
85 Runner
Alittle tweeking and she be purring again, getting there working on the 84 too much!!!!

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